Azelis Search

React powered UI paired with a custom WordPress search API. Enabling users to filter thousands of products and posts together.

Software: wordpress, react

Client work for TRIM Agency

Launched January 2022

Whitepaper Wiki

Cryptocurrency database of whitepapers infused with current market data. AI assisted summary generation.

Software: php, wordpress, coingecko

Launched April 2021


PHP library to build valid Auto-Lead Data Format ADF/XML leads.

Software: php, composer

Launched January 2021

RoK Monster

A WordPress powered UI for rok-monster-cli. A PHP CLI utility that analyzes screenshots and video from Rise of Kingdoms for various data points such as governor power, deaths, kills and more.

Software: wordpress, ffmpeg, android os, aws ses

Launched October 2020


Bash utilities to help automate server provisioning. Compatible with Linode StackScripts.

Software: bash

Launched December 2019