Alpaca Bot

A privately hosted WordPress AI Chatbot

Alpaca Bot
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WordPress plugin for quick content creation and workflow automation!

Easily draft a post or page from any conversation. Dynamically create new content on the fly or with remote resources collected via agents. Alpaca Bot offers a familiar chat interface on both desktop and mobile. You can expect a seamless chat experience on any device!

An Ollama instance is required. Ollama makes it incredibly easy to self-host large language models locally or in the cloud.

If self-hosting isn’t for you, please consider becoming a Patreon for access to our hosted Ollama instances and premium Discord support.


  • Chose to store conversation history privately in your wp_ database or not at all.
  • Use [alpacabot] to execute tasks on your behalf, generate dynamic content and more.
  • Chat with dozens of pre-trained LLMs or train your own.
  • Switch conversational model on the fly.
  • Create your own custom system messages for highly predictable or formatted responses.


If you need help or have questions, please join our Discord community.

Premium support and video calls are available to our Patreon subscribers. We can help setup your Ollama instance, troubleshoot issues, demonstrate shortcode functionality and more.

Patreon’s also receive;

  • Access to our hosted Ollama instances.
  • Priority feature requests.
  • Early access to new features and releases.
  • Video and community support.

Please consider becoming a Patreon today!