• WordPress + SQLite

    https://github.com/aaemnnosttv/wp-sqlite-db https://github.com/cn00/mysql2sqlite https://learnwithdaniel.com/2019/06/wordpress-with-sqlite Did not try Duplicator. WP Migrate DB Pro didn’t work to migrate from MySQL to SQLite.

  • UI/UX components

    UI/UX components

    October 2022 98.css September 2022 w2ui JavaScript UI Library

  • Stable Diffusion

    Stable Diffusion

    Resources Models Model Database (upscale.wiki) Dataset Database (upscale.wiki) Self hosted Stable Diffusion Webui (AUTOMATIC1111)Python web server. Stable Diffusion Webui (sd-webui) Visions of chaos (Softology)Native windows application. Videos Phenaki

  • The biggest take away here is my time is limited. I wasn’t being creative, I was working, all the time. This comes at a price.

  • Daily progress

    It’s only been a few days and I’ve begun to feel some pressure on meeting the demands of this challenge. I knew it would be difficult but I have a problem with my overall purpose or vision for this challenge. I framed the challenge as a desire to “create something daily”. However I’m allowing all…

  • Check user permissions: User home DIR should be limited to 744 ~/.ssh = 700 https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/36540/why-am-i-still-getting-a-password-prompt-with-ssh-with-public-key-authentication

  • Inspired by BEEPLE

    BEEPLE’s commitment has inspired me to produce something daily.

  • Having trouble accessing your Android clipboard via ADB? Check out Adb Clipboard.

  • Fractional Scaling settings don’t apply

    Here’s a fix for fractional scaling doesn’t work with proprietary Nvidia drivers. Any setting will result in 200% increase. Tested on Ubuntu 20.04.

  • Game Maker Studio

    Started working on my first game, Average Bob Space Adventure. Currently following tutorials by Friendlycosmonaut and they’ve been incredibly helpful. Luckily Game Maker Language has a similar syntax to PHP so it’s been pretty easy to pick up. If you want to follow Bob’s progress check the GitHub repository.