Open source journalism

We recently started a discussion on stream on what open source journalism might look like for as us developers. We also discussed some implications and use cases for both readers and journalists. Here’s a quick breakdown of our initial chat on 2/6/2020.

I plan on editing this post as we continue to grow this idea as a community. If you have any feedback or would like to follow along join the stream Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-4pm.

Initial punch list (Last edited 2/6/2020)

☐ Source an origin
    Content from same location or time stamps
☐ Allowing people to submit sources, articles already posted online
    ☐ Archiving original posts + revisions
☐ Determine mood and sentiment from comments
☐ Source similar or related information  
☐ Read more on what problems journalist currently face
☐ Tech stack
    ☐ for data submission and processing
    ☐  website itself will be pre-generated and stored on:
        ☐ distributed servers
            ☐ block chain
        ☐ object store like s3 or Linode
        ☐ tor
☐ Goals/Priorities 
    ☐ 1. Develop trust
    ☐ Verification
        ☐ Make sure a human is actually posting the external content
    ☐ Distinction between verified and unverified authors
        ☐ Look for patterns
            Photos/video posted
            Other content posted by this author on other platforms, if any

Sorry for the poor formatting. This theme needs some serious attention, just hasn’t been a priority. Will begin fixing in the coming weeks.

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