Services are available on a per project or on-going basis.


I’ve supported both small and large clients from concept to national rollout.

  • Custom plugin, theme development
  • Create and interrelate custom post types
  • Automate deployment with Composer + Bedrock
  • Migrate from another web platform
  • Mass data import processes
  • Maintenance of private plugins or forks


Using PHP for data processing? Need help with command line implementation?

  • Mass data import and manipulation
  • Data preparation for machine learning
  • Image and video manipulation via ImageMagick or FFmpeg
  • Automate long running tasks
  • Document conversion

Development Rates

Project planning, SEO strategies, offline troubleshooting
PHP, Bash, terminal, online support
Development Retainer
Pre-pay at least 10 hours development in advance.

Server Install

Setting up a WordPress site or network? Want to control your analytics stack with Matomo? I can help you build your network today.

Single Server Install

Starting $400

  • Install + configure necessary web services
    Apache, PHP, MySQL, Memcached, WordPress
  • Custom Bash scripts for self service maintenance
  • Basic UFW configuration
  • Automate SSL installation

Multi-Server Install

Starting $1000

  • Configure load balancer(s)
  • Configure multi-server file synchronization

* Ubuntu 20.04

Web Hosting

Reliable and secure hosting on semi-dedicated hardware.

Managed WordPress


  • Install + help configuring plugins and themes
  • Free SSL
  • Automatic updates
  • On/offsite backups
  • Security audits

À la carte

Add a blog post or page
You provide the content, I provide the formatting and SEO.
Your private analytics available inside WordPress.