Inspired by BEEPLE

I’ll be honest – I’m a little ashamed to admit I first learned of BEEPLE earlier this year only after he made some incredible NFT sales. Since then I’ve been captivated by his commitment to daily releases. He’s posted everyday for 14 years and I find it highly inspirational. Its motivating to not only see someone devoted to making something everyday but regardless of the “quality” always releasing as a finished piece. What started as a personal challenge has really shaped his career.

I often find myself stuck in long development cycles. Working through bugs, fighting feature creep, home distractions, YouTube – the list goes on but they all play their part in delaying a project.

Maybe with a new focus on daily releases I can allow myself to work on smaller chunks of software at a time.

With creativity in mind my goal here is to create something new everyday. Work within time constraints and finally wrangle the beast known as feature creep. I might not have an opportunity to add new functionality to a project daily but I’ll give myself some leeway here and allow for documentation improvement and bug fixes on projects I’m passionate about.

🗿 Daily Projects

  1. Programming
    • Release new or update existing open source project
    • Fun scripts
    • Experiment with new packages
      • AI/Machine learning
      • Audio/visual generation
    • Project documentation
  2. Creative writing
    • Blog posts
    • Short stories
    • SEO
  3. Website launch
  4. Photography
    • A composed photo or set
    • Digital refactor or re-purpose of old photography

Today’s release; php-adb. It was created out of necessity as a dependency for a larger project TBA. I think this will serve nicely as my first release.

For now GitHub activity will serve as my activity log. Over the next few weeks I’ll have to work up a centralized location to share the various releases. Sounds like another project 😉. Lets go!

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