Playing Quake 3 on OS-X

I was surprised to see how easy it was to get Quake 3 up and running under OS-X 10.10.5. With these simple steps you’ll be up and running in no time. I think I see a dedicated server in my near future.

  1. Download a pre compiled (Windows, Linux, Solaris also available)
  2. Mount ioquake3.dmg
  3. Move ioquake3 folder to your  /Applications folder
  4. Copy pak0.pk3 from your baseq3 folder on your Quake III: Arena CD or Steam installation to your /Applications/ioquake3/baseq3 folder
    • Mods are also installed into /Applications/ioquake3/baseq3
  5. Start it up and enjoy!
    • Enter your CD key (optional)

If you don’t have a Quake III: Arena CD you can easily find one on eBay, I picked my copy up for $8.




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