Two weeks of HHVM

Running for about two weeks now, I must say HHVM is very snappy. It can be rough around the edges while setting up depending on your system, but thats to be expected.  I tried several installation methods, ultimately a manual build under Ubuntu 12.04 worked best. However I’m experiencing some issues with WordPress permalinks. Direct requests work as expected, but snappier.

I must say I’m most impressed by the performance increase via command line. We use several PHP based command line tools at DealerX. These tools comb millions of vehicles a week, cleaning and sanitizing and matching data for search and other end user displays. I think she’s a keeper.

Some Hello Doge, in C?

Like some young men, my father was a big influencer on my career path. I started with web design, but quickly realized without logic my projects would essentially be useless. A few months later I was writing basic PHP and cutting up WordPress themes on a regular basis.

Today, 6 years later,  quite comfortable with PHP but feel like as though it’s getting a bum deal being a dynamic language an all. With projects like HHVM chugging away, I’m looking for other ways to bridge the gap between PHP and C.

Having never written any C before, I quickly realized it was quite needy. I decided to try out BinaryPHP, it quickly converts your PHP into source and compiles an executable for you.

For those who are curious, you can grab all sources from github.


This is something I’ve been having some difficulties with the past few months. I tend to program in cycles, I have some very productive times, followed by a null in development and overall creativity. In the past I relied heavily on yoga to help reduce the impact these lulls had on my overall person. More recently mountain biking had taken that role, however my season ended shortly with a broken wrist after I took a spill into some rocks.

With that lull right around the corner, and my wrist still not 100%, I was hoping to take a new approach to my lack of output. I’m wrapping up, ending or getting involved in new projects. In other words, I’m taking some of this time where “I should be productive” and applying that energy to simpler tasks, saying good bye to old projects, and hello to new ones. Its less about being extremely productive, but more about addressing some minor issues on my to do.

Somethings on my lull list:

So here it goes – in a bit of a lull at the moment. I’m in the midst of addressing 2 of those items. Heres to a slightly different approach.


Edit 1:

It’s common to see some motivational crap on hacker news, with that being said I came across this gem earlier this morning.

Life is a game. This is your strategy guide



I was initially drawn in by attractive pixel art, but needless to say I think OP forgot to write the strategy part. “Cute post man.”


Edit 2:

Here’s a more useful article. Linux monitoring, thanks hacker news.


Edit 3:

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 4.01.56 PM

I managed to wipe my apache config on my development server while performing a few mundane updates. That seems to be another item complete.

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