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  • Check user permissions: User home DIR should be limited to 744 ~/.ssh = 700

  • MediaTemple DDOS

    Posted during the storm, you guys rock! Good luck guys!

  • Two weeks of HHVM

    Running for about two weeks now, I must say HHVM is very snappy. It can be rough around the edges while setting up depending on your system, but thats to be expected.  I tried several installation methods, ultimately a manual build under Ubuntu 12.04 worked best. However I’m experiencing some issues with WordPress permalinks. Direct…

  • Some Hello Doge, in C?

    Like some young men, my father was a big influencer on my career path. I started with web design, but quickly realized without logic my projects would essentially be useless. A few months later I was writing basic PHP and cutting up WordPress themes on a regular basis. Today, 6 years later,  quite comfortable with…

  • Motivation?

    This is something I’ve been having some difficulties with the past few months. I tend to program in cycles, I have some very productive times, followed by a null in development and overall creativity. In the past I relied heavily on yoga to help reduce the impact these lulls had on my overall person. More…

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to blah blah! Another WordPress installation. Testing this old school MySpace layout. Currently everything seems to be running well, 6 post types via JSON array later, and no complaints so far.